Kia Sedona shows off new ‘comfortable and futuristic’ interior

Last month Kia coined a new, fourth-generation minivan and the term “Grand Utility Vehicle” to go with it. Known as the Carnival in its home market of South Korea, and as the Sedona here, Kia’s given us a look at the “comfortable and futuristic” interior we can expect when the model goes on sale. We like the current Sedona, but the imminent upgrade is immediately clear and comprehensive even in photos. The automaker calls the interior design theme “Spatial Talents,” which sounds like a superpower your home mover or the guy at U-haul has, but it refers to the how

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The NFL Draft Shows Just How Much America Needs Sports

The enduring popularity of the NFL draft has always left me mystified. For months before the annual spring event, pundits endlessly speculate about where the best football prospects will land. A year ago, the three-night draft reached more than 47.5 million viewers. Some 600,000 people gathered in Nashville to catch it live. All for what? To watch football players put on hats?

A couple of weeks ago, the thought of the NFL conducting a virtual version of its draft felt wholly inappropriate. During this devastating pandemic, with the rest of the sports world shut down, the league was going

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36 Design Shows to Watch Now

With the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic impacting people’s daily lives and routines across the world, folks are increasingly turning inward and hunkering down for what may be several more weeks of social distancing. What better time, then, to start watching a design-focused TV series that is informative, heartwarming, and/or aesthetically pleasing? Happily, there is no shortage of design shows to choose from during this period, whether you’re more into stories about life-changing renovations or elaborate, gravity-defying feats of architecture. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most bingeable design-centric series on streaming services and cable now, with hopes that they will

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