February 1, 2023

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Basic home design rules you must follow to redesign your house space

25 Interior Design Rules You Should Actually Follow - Lonny

A home should be a place where one can find comfort and peace, after a stressful day of work and hustle. However, some people come back home after work with this feeling of despair remaining. A home is meant to lighten you up and provide you an abode amidst the struggles. This is why it is important to “make your home your home”, by designing it in a way that suits just your taste. The following design rules do not rule in the real sense but are tips and guidance that you just have to follow when redesigning your house space.


Make a blueprint

Before you proceed with the idea of redesigning your house space, you will have to first make lots of decisions and most importantly planning. First of all, you should understand the reason for redesigning your house space. You should ask yourself “am I doing this because my closest neighbor recently did his?” Or is it that I’m not comfortable with the existing design? After you finally decided to go ahead with the redesign, then this is the time you begin to map out your blueprint. At this point, you will have to decide if you’re engaging the service of an interior designer or not, choose the homeware appliance and furniture companies you would patronize, and more.

Know-how to utilize the potential of good lighting

Lighting is a very important factor to consider when redesigning your space. Good lighting will help you highlight those aesthetic and important features in your space, thus bringing out its radiance and color. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore this part of interior designing. Thus leading to a very poor design layout. You can visit Modern In Designs for different types and patterns of lighting products.

Choose comfort over style

It is quite understandable that you want your home to look more beautiful, and sparkle as a diamond. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice aesthetic over comfort. There is nothing wrong with going for furniture or appliances that are trendy, but you should have it at the back of your mind that these trends will eventually fade. On the other hand, choosing home appliances and furniture that offers comfort, will help you in the long run.


Choose a design that reflects your lifestyle and personality

There is nothing wrong with admiring someone else’s design and trying to replicate them. However, it should be in a way that reflects your lifestyle and taste. Your home should be designed in such a way that is welcoming to you as the owner. The colors, furniture, appliances, and another choice of materials should be strictly based on what you want.


Appreciate the importance of space

In our quest for getting the best of appliances to use in our home, we should consider the space available and try to work with them. A jam-packed and busy room is usually uninteresting, boring, and uninviting. You should try to create a little space. This will facilitate easy movement and also make your space more presentable.