January 26, 2023

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Basic Questions About Solar Installers

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Solar Company | Solar Benefits | NuWatt  Energy

With solar energy going off these past few years, people who are interested in installing solar panels into their homes for a more reliable and renewable power source and lessen their carbon footprint are increasing. In looking for a reliable solar installer, it might take some time, but it is important that you take the time to go through your options. Here are some basic questions about solar installers that you may have that could possibly help you narrow down some of your choices.

What should You look for in a solar installer?

1. Licenses and insurance

You have to check if they have a business license and if they have insurance policies. Along with the business license, you have to make sure that they have licenses that tell you that they could handle all of the electrical components of your system, including the wiring.

2. Workmanship warranty

In case of the wrong installation, a workmanship warranty is there to cover them. There are some contractors that would offer you a whole range of all of these different warranties that could cover about a year to 25 years so you have to be careful, especially if they offer you an extended warranty. You have to be sure and confident that they have a clean reputation and would stick around long enough before doing so.

3. Expertise

When you are looking for a solar installer, you have to make sure that they are an expert in this field by checking if they have passed the NABCEP test, the best national standard certification program by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), and have at least 2 years of experience in installing solar panels. 

4. Track record

Go through their background and all of the other works that they have done in the past. You have to make sure that they would not drop your project in the middle of it and they have something to show you when you ask to see some of the systems that they have installed in their previous clients. 

5. Reputation

You could look at some of their reviews and look through the experiences that their previous clients went through when solar panel installers were working with them. You could look at their ratings and reviews to see if there had ever been any bad experiences or if there are some complaints with their services. If you noticed that there are more complaints, then it’s time that you look into a different installer.

What are the duties of a solar panel installer?

  • Connects the solar panels to an electrical system
  • Measured the area
  • Assesses the location of where the best place to install the solar panels are
  • Uses different technical tools and equipment
  • Maintenance checks
  • Fixes solar panels
  • Checks the wiring
  • Grounds the electrical equipment
  • Installs the solar panels in homes and businesses
  • Maintains the solar panels they install
  • Adjusts surfaces in order to make the panels fit 
  • Makes sure that the solar panels are supported

What are the common problems of solar panels at home?

1. Micro-cracks

There are some micro-cracks or tiny cracks that you could barely notice with your naked eyes. These cracks are there because of thermal and seasonal conditions, or it could be because of the way that the shipment was handled.

2. Hot spots

There are going to be times where your solar panels may get too warm and cause overload. Collection of dirt and bad connections maybe some of the reasons why your panels are heating up, lowering the lifespan of your panels.

3. Electrical issues

There might be some faulty wiring, loose connection, corrosion, and oxidation that may hinder your solar panels from performing to their full capacity, so you could get a licensed electrician to check it out when you notice that your solar panel is not performing like the way it used to.

4. Snail trails

Since your panels are outdoors, snails pass through them and could only usually show up after a few years. The silver paste on your panels may be defective, which is why there are snail trails, which could cause moisture then eventually oxidation.

5. Roof issues

If your solar panels are not installed properly and they don’t have a safe foundation, then it could hurt your roof so you have to make sure that your roof is inspected from time to time to make sure that your roof does not all of a sudden collapse or be damaged.


Looking for the right solar panel installer could be hard since if you accidentally get an installer that is not credible, it could cost you a lot more in the long run. Take time to do your research and make sure that you have a great connection with the solar panel installer that you get.