February 1, 2023

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Benefits of engineered wood flooring

Out of all the flooring options available today, engineered wood flooring is often the most popular choice. If you are considering investing in an engineered wood flooring for your home, take a look at some of the specific benefits that it offers.

  • Engineered wood floors are real wood floors design using three or more layers of different wood veneers, and the grain of each layer of the wood runs in different directions. That said, the engineered wood floors are more stable and resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations compared to solid wood flooring.
  • Due to multiple cross-grain wooden layers, engineered floors can be installed over a variety of subfloors, such as concrete and often both above and below grade.  Also, it is suitable for installation over underfloor heating.
  • Engineered wood floors offer different installation methods such as glued down, stapled, floating with glued joints, and floating click-together.
  • Engineered wood floors cost potentially less than hardwood flooring because it uses less attractive and softer species of wood for the middle and back layers. However, the layer of high-quality wood on the top provides the same texture and feeling underfoot as solid hardwood.
  • Also, due to its popularity, there is much more choice available in engineered wood flooring than in solid wood flooring.

All in all,  engineered wood flooring is the best flooring solution for anyone who is seeking a wood flooring that’ll stand up to moisture and temperature differences or to fit over underfloor heating, with the same appearance as solid wood but with lower cost.