January 27, 2023

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Could pineapple plants be the latest interior trend? Here’s where to buy one

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On-trend or not, filling your home with plants adds colour and softness, not to mention that they bring with them a myriad of health benefits, including cleaner air and a mental health boost.

However, though we aren’t lead by the trends when it comes to our greenery, we do like to keep an eye on them as every once in a while a real gem appears.

And that’s exactly how we feel about the pineapple plant trend – it’s interesting, it’s unusual and though it’s not strictly for eating, it definitely brings the tropical island vibes we all need right now.

The unique plant, formally known as Pygmy Pineapple, is part of the bromeliad family, which is native to tropical locations. However, they can do well indoors.

The pineapple plant has sword-like spiny green leaves that create dense rosettes.

An actual pineapple sprouts on the large centre stem — and no, it’s not for eating. The ornamental pineapple, or dwarf pineapple, is essentially an unusual flower.

Now is also, incidentally, a brilliant time to start adding them to your home as pineapple plants need around six hours of sunlight a day.

Lots of people choose to keep the pineapple plant inside during the winter months and move them outside once it gets warmer out. It only needs to be watered once a week (twice if the soil doesn’t hold water well), it’s a pretty low-maintenance addition for plant parents.

Sold? So are we.

The only thing is, not everywhere sells this exotic little plant and so you need to have some insider knowledge to get your hands on one.

Luckily, we do and have rounded up the best places to purchase your pineapple plant from.

Where to buy pineapple plants

Pygmy Pineapple | £26 from Bloom Box Club

Ananas Comosus ‘Champaca’ | £24.99 from Primrose

Bromeliad Pineapple Plant | £23.95 from Amazon