January 26, 2023

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Home tour: Interior designer Cheryl Luckett shows us the power of home decor

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Interior designer Cheryl Luckett has spent years curating home decor and furniture to build a space that’s as dynamic and warm as she is.

Her house is the type of place where you can open the door, let out a sigh of relief and luxuriate in its comfort and beauty.

Who: Luckett is an interior designer and the owner of Dwell by Cheryl. She describes herself as a “hunter and a gatherer” who loves the thrill of thrifting and finding one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • She’s been featured in the coveted pages of Traditional Home, Country Living and Southern Home.

The house: The single-story house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. She’s never made structural changes, but has made the space completely her own through decorating. “I love almost every inch of it,” Luckett says.

Style: Luckett doesn’t have just one theme in her house, though the design feels cohesive. She believes our homes should be reflections of who we are and the things we love.

“I want home to support me in all of my different feelings,” she says. The bedroom, for example, is serene and calming, while the kitchen, the hub of the house, is energetic and inviting.

cheryl luckett home tour bedroom

The bedroom is serene with neutral colors, nature-inspired patterns, and soft lines.

Inspiration: You learn a lot about Luckett when you walk through her home. She loves the grandeur of Southern living and is proud of her African American roots — her collections, art and layers of textiles tell that story.

  • Sometimes she goes hunting for new-to-her pieces, and other times the treasures find her, like the 1945 piano in her living area. Her neighbors wanted to get rid of it, and it found its new home with Luckett. (Nothing says grandeur like a piano.)
cheryl luckett home tour pinao

Who needs a formal dining room when you can have a space like this instead?

cheryl luckett home tour bench

Her approach: “People underestimate the power of decorating,” Luckett says. She completely transformed the look of her suburban home with fabric, rugs, paint, hardware and accessories.

  • Her philosophy is to “let our homes be what they are and show them in the best light.”

Her kitchen is perhaps the best case study of that we’ve ever seen. She kept the original honey oak cabinets but brought in new light fixtures, tile backsplash, window treatments and hardware. The look is completely custom without the price tag of a full renovation.

cheryl luckett home tour ginger jars

I love how the ginger jars coordinate with the tile, and the bread box and stand mixer break up all the blue.

cheryl luckett home tour open shelves USE

cheryl luckett home tour dining nook

Good news: If you like this bench as much as I do, you can buy it here. It’s one of Luckett’s own designs.

cheryl luckett home tour doors

I love how Luckett appreciates every inch of her home, even the doors get love in her house. The Addison Weeks hardware gives this upholstered pair and stylish pop.

Where she shops: Luckett prefers to shop vintage. The quality and uniqueness for the price can’t be beat, she says. She travels to Hickory, High Point and South Carolina for a lot of her treasures.

Here’s a look around the rest of the home.

cheryl luckett home tour primary fireplace

cheryl luckett home tour art

cheryl luckett home tour living room 2

cheryl luckett home tour living room

The living room is so warm with its gold tones and thoughtfully layered accessories.

cheryl luckett home tour office

There are so many curated moments around the house, like this one in the office. I love this painting and hots its framed by sconces.

cheryl luckett home tour drop zone

Want more? Here’s a short video.

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