December 8, 2022

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How can you get a jungle scout estimator for free?

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If you’ve done any research, you’re probably aware that the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a useful tool that offers you a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions. But what’s on the inside? Is it worthwhile to get the Jungle Scout Extension? You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about what’s within the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Also, please take advantage of our 30% discount to sample the jungle scout estimator risk-free.

What Is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension All About?

In 2020, Jungle Scout updated its Chrome Extension and included a slew of new capabilities. It is now even more user-friendly, and you can do a lot of cool things like request reviews from your customers in bulk or look up historical sales data for any product. Because the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a data-driven tool, let’s look at the information it provides:

  1. Data

The direct Amazon connection is a significant benefit of Jungle Scout’s Extension. With just one click, you can obtain all of the sales-related information you require. The tool displays the average pricing, sales projections, competitor information, profit forecasts, etc. Since the most recent update, you can also look at the Google Trends charts.

To use Jungle Scout’s Extension, follow these steps:

  • Go to to learn more.
  • Next to the URL entry, select Chrome-Plug-In.
  • Become a member of Jungle Scout by logging in.
  • When you’re on Amazon, use the Chrome Extension.
  1. Historical data

If you intend to debut a product on Amazon, you should check to see if the sales are consistent throughout the year. As a result, you must examine past sales data. The Jungle Scout Extension will provide a chart with historical sales data if you click on the number of sales of a specific product.

  1. Opportunity Score

The Opportunity Score is a useful indicator that tells you whether or not a product is worth further investigation. By combining demand, competition, and LQS, Jungle Scout’s exclusive algorithm estimates the sales potential. The Opportunity Score considers the following factors:

  • Number of units sold
  • the total number of reviews
  • Title and Keywords
  • The number of photos in the listing and the listing’s quality

It’s a statistic that reflects how much a product is in demand and how competitive it is. Low competition and high demand equal a high Opportunity Score.

  1. Listing Quality Score

You’ve probably heard of Opportunity Score, but there’s another useful measure. It’s referred to as the Listing Quality Score. The Listing Quality Score assesses a listing’s quality based on several factors. Here are the factors it considers:

  • Title, bullet points, description length, and keyword density
  • The number of photographs
  • Images with high resolution
  • The Listing Quality Score is a number between one and ten.

A score of 3 or lower indicates that the listing’s quality is inferior. Listings with a score of 7 or higher are usually excellent, containing high-quality photos, bullet points, and other features. So, if a specialty has a lot of high-quality listings, you can expect a lot of sellers in that niche to be active and try to sell their stuff.