December 8, 2022

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I have dogs at my house. What are the precautions I should take before and after pest control?

Nowadays, most pest control services use organic pest controls that are not harmful to humans and animals, but there can be harmful chemicals, and pest removal products may be harmful to your pets, be it dogs or cats. Most chemicals used during pest removal are not dangerous to any mammals. Still, dogs are generally curious and can sniff around the house and may inhale or consume a chemical that may be harmful. Harm to your pets can devastate you, so here are some precautions you can take for your dogs before pest control. 

Remove or relocate your pets

Remove your pets from the area of pest control for some hours until the work is completed. Having your pets in the house while pest control experts are working can be dangerous for your pet and may disturb the process of pest control. It is better to move them to a dog’s or a friend’s house during the pest removal process and then get them back after some hours to your house after the pest control is done.

Consult the experts

You might consider consulting the pest control staff or the company about the types of chemicals or products used in pest control and whether they can harm your pets. If they are harmful to your pets, it is better to relocate them to a different location while the pest control continues. They can also educate you on the substances they use and their effect on your pets.

Organic product

If you have an old pet in your home or don’t have another place to shift your pet, you may hire a pest control company that uses all organic products and chemicals that are completely harmless to your pet.

Other precautions

To keep animals like birds or fish safe, ensure to protect their shelters to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals that can harm and even kill them. It is most advisable to shift all pets to another location during pest removal so that they are not exposed to these chemicals. You may look for some pet houses to relocate them for some time while the pest control is being done because taking precautions is always better.


Your pet may fall ill because of toxic chemicals and experience nausea, diarrhea, and other symptoms. While pet control can prove good for your home, it has toxic chemicals that can be dangerous for you as well as your pets, so ensure that your pet is not exposed to harmful chemicals or products during or after the pest removal process.