January 27, 2023

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Interior designer shares tips for making a healthy home | News

Soraya Tamaddon, a Leesburg based interior designer and owner of Design and Staying Group, said one thing people have learned to appreciate is their homes more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So as everyone prepares to move into the fall and winter months, Tamaddon wants to share tips on creating a healthier home.

With the shortage of home products and services due to the pandemic, she said it’s never too early to start considering the holidays as well.

Here’s tips from Tamaddon on how to create a “healthier” home this upcoming season.

Tamaddon said she understands decluttering and purging is not easy, but it’s essential for a healthy home.

“The space around your furniture is as important as the furniture itself,” the designer said.

“Same thing is true for the art on the wall,” she said. “As a wise client once told me, ‘Be Picky, Soraya!’ I realized that being picky can be a good thing! I used a trick for myself when I needed to declutter and purge.”

Tamaddon said in her kitchen while cleaning the drawers and cabinets, she only picked the pieces that she enjoyed and used all the time. She removed everything else

“I did not spend any time making any decisions on the things that I did not use or love,” Tamaddon said.

“Everything went in a box and immediately got transferred to the garage,” she said. “This was a couple of months ago and I have not gone to the box for anything. I think it is safe to donate that box now.”

Tamaddon said instead of buying something new, find a new use or place for what you kept in the decluttering phase.

“Use that beloved chair in a different room, hang that picture you love in a hallway or even a bathroom and change and rotate accessories from one room to another,” she said.

Decorate and cozy up your home

Tamaddon said when she lived in Florida, the sunshine kept her in summer mood, but with the seasons changing often in Virginia seasons, so did her decor change. She said recognizing the seasons and celebrating them has helped her get through them much easier.

“I am still getting used to winter here, but bringing little lights and warmer colors in sure helps,” she said.

Tamaddon advises people to never underestimate the power of your five senses.

Starting with the sense of Touch, Tamaddon said bring out the soft blankets and your child’s favorite plush animal to the family room.

With the sense of “sight” and “hearing” she said add accent light to your rooms and play holiday music.

“Christmas lights do an excellent job in creating a cozy mood in the room,” the designer said. “If you do not celebrate Christmas, you can add fairy lights to your plants for example.”

Tamaddon said playing holiday music helps to bring a lot of memories.

With the sense of “smell,” she said try scented candles, or baking cookies and cooking some “soul” food.

“Use your crock pot and if you have a Dutch oven, then use that,” she said. “ I think many of us are trying the air cooker. I got one as a gift recently, and I love it!”

And finally, the sense of “taste.”

“Everyone loves to eat,” Tamaddon said. “Make sure you eat the seasonal fruits and vegetables and use them in your cooking.”

“The bottom line is that we need to commit to ourselves and our families to make this holiday season a great one to remember,” Tamaddon said.

“So, eat, drink and be happy that you are here and enjoy this time with the loved ones that are present with you and remember the ones that live in heaven now,” she added.