December 8, 2022

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Kim’s Unleashing Her Inner Cluttertina Now That Kanye’s Out of Their Sparsely Furnished Home

Illustration for article titled Kim's Unleashing Her Inner Cluttertina Now That Kanye's Out of Their Sparsely Furnished Home

Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

You’ve seen those unsettling pics of Kim Kardashian and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kanye West’s, Hidden Hills mansion, right? The home, designed in collaboration with Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt, is intentionally sparsely furnished and draws on a rich, colorful tapestry of whites, off-whites, creams, and eggshells to bring the trio’s vision of minimalist domesticity to life, which blah blah blah I get it you get it. At the same time, give me a stupidly upholstered couch above which teeter a bunch of idiotic tchotchkes ready fall from their haphazardly stacked bookshelf perches at any moment? Just my take, of course. Simply one woman’s opinion.

Anyway, now that Kim’s filed for divorce and Kanye’s moved 500 pairs of sneakers and most of the rest of his stuff out of that cult-compoundian locale to live full-time at their Wyoming ranch, it sounds like Kim might be slashing and burning her former married self by maximalizing the shit out of their lifeless, bone-dry (slash bone-colored) estate.

Per Hollywood Life:

After the ‘Jesus Walks’ creator made headlines for moving 500 pairs of sneakers and other things out of their home just a couple of weeks before Kim filed the paperwork for their divorce, it’s clear to see there must be a lot of new space and it’s apparently prompting Kim to redecorate. ‘Kim has been doing a lot of reorganizing and redecorating of their home,’ the insider said. ‘It’s turned into a warehouse of all of her brands now with the extra space.’

She wasted no time once all of Kanye‘s things were out,’ the insider continued. ‘Things haven’t changed really because Kanye hasn’t been in the LA home for so long, but she’s utilizing all of the extra space and making it a new home. She’s having fun with it. She loves the home and never had plans to leave it.’

After my last horrible breakup that left me feeling like I wanted to slough off every part of me that yon shitty man had ever touched, I simply grew out my bangs and started balayaging the shit out of my newly middle-parted hair—a classically woman-who-dates-men cry for help! But if I had Kim’s budget, I would’ve been “balayaging” my entire home, too, so to speak. Good for her. Or not. Who cares.

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