January 27, 2023

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Some Amazing Hacks To Reduce The Cost Of Your Interiors

When we start our interior designing journey, we have one thing in mind that if we want our home to look as desired, then we need to spend lots of money. Of course, you need to spend money but it is not necessary that you set aside a big budget for this. Your house can look amazing without burning a big hole in your pocket. Read ahead to know some amazing hacks to reduce the cost of your interiors.

Choose Wallpapers Instead Of Paint

a chair sitting in front of a wooden table: interiors cost cutting wallpaper

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interiors cost cutting wallpaper

If you are looking for colours to paint your walls, then it is suggested to go for wallpapers instead of paint. As these are durable along with being less expensive and provide a visual treat. Wallpapers can work as a statement piece to your otherwise plain room. These can add an element of quirkiness to the room.

However, keep in mind that wallpapers are only cheap as compared to textured paint but if you are going for normal paint, then these wallpapers might be costly.

Use Jaalis As Dividers

Now-a-days, open layouts are in trend but we need to separate them in one way or the other for reasons like privacy, air conditioning, etc. Most people use fabric curtains (curtain colour combinations) or plastic curtains to separate two rooms (mostly living room and dining room) but this idea seems to go out of trend. If you want to do something unique, then it is best that you use jaalis as a divider. This will do the work apart from giving your living room an aesthetic vibe.

Go For Laminate Wooden Flooring Instead Of The Real Ones

interiors cost cutting wooden flooring

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interiors cost cutting wooden flooring

Wooden flooring surely looks exceptional but let’s be realistic here because it is really expensive and not all of us can afford it. Apart from this, it doesn’t support any of the Indian weather. However, if you still want it, then you can go for laminate wooden flooring as it is less costly and also, perfect for all the Indian seasons. You can get these in any shade you want.

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Use Multi-Functional Furniture

You should go for multi-functional furniture as it is not only useful for small spaces but also cost – effective. You can achieve this in several ways like using a coffee table with seating under it, using dividers as storage units, using TV units as study table, sofa cum beds, and many more. All these tricks will help save money as well as space.

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POP False Ceiling For Borders

a close up of a window: interiors cost cutting false ceiling

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interiors cost cutting false ceiling

When you are in a fix, then play a bit with your ceilings to add the necessary drama to your room. Many people are opting for false ceilings with fitted lights as this is the new trend. This definitely brightens up the room and at the same time, it creates an ambience.

Wooden false ceiling might seem an interesting choice but it is also very expensive. Instead go for a POP false ceiling as it is less costly and gives the same look. If you feel like POP is also expensive, then go for gypsum as it is the cheapest option.

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