December 10, 2022

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Theory Design creating interior for custom home in Fort Myers

An internet search for ‘horse country homes’ generates countless images of cottage- or farmhouse-style residences beyond fields of majestic creatures. When a busy young family decides to move into one of those residences, it may take some out-of-the-box inspiration to reimagine the property. That’s the approach Theory Design’s Vice President of Design, Ruta Menaghlazi, and Senior Interior Designer, Paula Myette, are applying to Seagate Development Group’s custom home, breaking ground this month off Daniels Parkway and Palomino Lane in Fort Myers.

Capitalizing on the secluded, pastured and wooded setting, combined with the family’s lifestyle, the leading firm is creating a modern, classic design with a high-end, comfortable look for 5,700-plus square feet of living space. A timeless exterior color palette, including white with black shutters and windows, a gray flat tile roof, as well as charcoal and white pavers, were selected.