January 27, 2023

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This Designer Shares What It Was Like Working with Nate and Jeremiah on Their New HGTV Show

Photo credit: HGTV

Photo credit: HGTV

HGTV’s The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project follows Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent as they renovate dwellings for families in need—and fellow interior designer Julie Kantrowitz of JK Interior Living collaborated with the design duo on two episodes, resulting in a pair of impeccably decorated spaces.

The show’s pilot spotlight two sisters hoping to showcase their love for their recently late mother in the house they grew up in. “While their childhood memories in this home brought them much happiness, Lauren, her husband Luis, and her sister Lisa were enthusiastic about the prospect of reinventing the flow of their home to become more open and livable,” Kantrowitz tells House Beautiful. The home’s refreshed interiors wholly reflect their family’s style, all the while paying tribute to their mom.

The most significant addition to the home was a Steinway piano that Lauren and Lisa’s mother loved playing. “It brings the family such great memories,” adds Kantrowitz. “There was a moment in that episode’s reveal when Lauren’s children came into the home toward the end and her daughter began playing that piano. [It was] a beautiful heartfelt tribute to their mom that lives on.

The renovation also involved tearing down walls (since the pre-existing walls made for a very segmented house with small rooms and limited hallway space) to create more room for entertaining. Other design elements, such as herringbone flooring and custom drapes, were added to the home for more pizzazz.

Photo credit: HGTV

Photo credit: HGTV

In the latest episode of The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project, a man named Chris surprises his mom, Anya, with a new home—a moving gesture of thanks in exchange for the incredible sacrifice she made in immigrating to the U.S. from Thailand to provide her family with more opportunities.

The designers’ initial walkthrough of the house took place in an empty space that featured a dated kitchen and a choppy layout. However, they all saw the home’s potential after installing newer components, like the aforementioned herringbone floors.

Throughout the design process, Anya expressed her shock over how “fancy” everything was, including hundreds of square feet of decorative moldings, which were donated by Matt Kuiken of the Kuiken Brothers Company, a friend of Kantrowitz’s.

Other standout design components that were made possible by the renovation include a custom marble floor design in the vestibule, which leads to a set of reclaimed French oak doors—as well as a newly added powder room on the main level and a more luxe kitchen, complete with a faucet sprayer.

Together, Berkus, Brent, and Kantrowitz worked to bring these home renovations to life for two deserving families, proving that great design can bring people together. Ready to watch the series for yourself? You can do so on HGTV and Discovery+.

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